PRODUCERS // Raphael J. Caprio [ Executive Producer ]

Raphael J. Caprio, designated by the Rutgers University Board of Governors as University Professor, works on research and teaching in the area of local and state budgeting and finance, financial management, and public sector management. He also is active in labor and public sector interest arbitration, serving as a financial expert in more than 150 cases.


Dr. Caprio served as University Vice President for Continuing Studies for more than 15 years, responsible for leadership of both program development and policy for all off-campus, distance learning and continuing education activities at the university - programs which serve approximately 50,000 continuing education and off-campus students annually through both credit and non-credit courses and programs. He was also responsible for the Rutgers iTV studio in Piscataway, where Due Process is taped.


Dr. Caprio's experience in higher education management is extensive, having served several terms as department chair, associate academic dean, college dean, associate provost, institutional CIO, and research institute director. He has served on several community service boards and is currently a member of the St. Benedict’s Preparatory School Board of Trustees.


Before being designated a University Professor, he served as a Professor of Public Administration, where his service was recognized by the New Jersey Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (Public Service Award), Rutgers University (Award for Outstanding Public Service), and other community based organizations. Co-Founder and first Executive Producer of Caucus (NJN/NJTV, WNET: a New Jersey public affairs series), he has received numerous awards for his work in broadcast.


His research has spanned a broad range of topics, from seminal work in pediatric lead poisoning to public policy and property tax implications of delayed revaluations in cities. Dr. Caprio holds a bachelor's degree from Rutgers University, a master's degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Ph.D. from Rutgers.

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